Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend.

Hello there,
Mother's day weekend was pretty good. My brother spent the night at a friends on friday and my sister was gone most of the evening, which gave me some time to hang out with my Mom, with out them.
Saturday my brother and his wife came over to celebrate Mom's day, before she left to visit her Mom in another state.
On Sunday, My brother came over early in the morning with Doughnuts from Krispy Kremes and they were mmm-mmm good. I made my Mom a card, gave her flowers and cleaned up the house. When we came back from church we watched several episodes of the TV show "Lost", the first season. It was really good.
That was my weekend, hanging out with my family and having a good time. Hope y'all had a weekend that was as great as mine!

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