Monday, May 19, 2008


I had a great weekend. Saturday was a surprise birthday for my uncle who just turned 50. We had food and cake and a lot of time to spend together. I enjoyed it so much, except for the wind. It was terrible, the paper plates and cups would fly away if you didn't hold them, and even the potato chips would blow right off your plate.
Then, My cousin Tina came over that evening, along with her mom (great Aunt Mae) and her sons Ben and Alex, and Alex's girlfriend Jennifer. It was nice to have them over. We are always rolling in laughter when they visit.
Also, over the weekend we decided to re-do our kitchen cabinets. We have to sand them down, which takes forever, then paint them with Milk Paint. It looks really good, but it will take a while to get them finished.
I had a great weekend and loved spending every minute of it with my family. Nothing means more to me than my family!

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