Monday, March 31, 2008

Spring Break !

Hello, Hope you had a good Easter!

Thursday, I babysat two young children after school for a lady at church. Then, I got up the next morning and had to babysit for another family from 7:00 am - 5:00 pm. It was a long time, but they were good.
On Easter Sunday we went to church and had a wonderful service. We came home, painted Easter Eggs, and had an Easter egg hunt. It was so much fun, My mom and Dad actually went outside and played it with us.... Actually they were the ones who started the game. Then, because we were having so much fun, we lost track of time and were almost late to our evening church service. My older brother and his wife went with us. The service was absolutely inspiring. After Church was over, my brother amazed my pastor with a Ring and chain. They had a large group of people admiring them, and trying to figure out the "secret." Its hard to explain, you just had to have been there!
Easter night, my little brother and I spent the night an my Older brother and his wife's house. We had a lot of fun hanging out and talking. We went out to eat at BWW, and then went home.

My family and I went to Kentucky on Thursday to visit our family. We came back Sunday Afternoon. It was so much fun to get to spend time with family we don't get to see very often. I really enjoyed my Spring break!!!!!!!!

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