Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patricks day

Saturday was fun, My brother and his wife came over and spent the day with us (as they usually do on Saturdays). Then, we went to look at a house that was for sale in a little town about 30 minutes from our house. My brother was thinking about purchasing it, but no decisions have been made yet. It would be nice to have them a little closer to home. I wish they could find a house closer yet than that. That would be great. After looking at the house, we bought pizza, went for a walk, and watched a movie. It was fun.
Sunday. We were getting ready for church when my cousin showed up to visit. My dad stayed home and they visited together, and my mom, my sister and I went to church. When we came home, my cousin called and said he was going to come over with his baby Tristan, and my aunt. I ended up getting to hold Tristan nearly the entire time. He was so handsome and well behaved. He was kind of squirmy, but he never cried.
My sister shared her talent- playing the banjo. And My Cousin got out the guitar and played a few songs. We enjoyed their company.
Then it was time for our evening church service, in which our pastor talked us into playing and singing in front of the church. Mom played the guitar and my sister played the banjo. We all sang " This little light of mine." My sister played a solo song on her banjo- "I'll Fly Away" and then my younger Brother, sister and I sang together a song - without music. I was really nervous, but I thought we did really well. After church we recieved tons of compliments. Mom was really proud.
I had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed spending time with my family and my church family. Everyone is always encouraging and supportive.
Then, I got up this morning and came to school.
March 17 2008, Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We love Patty!!!!! - (inside joke)

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